Plastic Mould Design

Mold design has the advantage of a comprehensive understanding of customers' products in the premise, quickly find the main features of the product, to seize the key point , and finally determine the mold design.

Review of product mold design drawings is a key step in the initial stage, during which we must try to find the problems of mold design that may arise and be resolved.

We use SOLIDWORKS, PRO ENGINEER, UNIGRAPHICS and other professional tools for mold design, mold design apply HASCO, DME, LKM standards and MOLD FLOW analysis software, which is the international recognition of the mold designand processing of advanced software.

Advanced design and manufacturing software can simulatethe whole process of mold and die design throughout - Process development - part machining - parts inspection - mold assembly- all aspects of the product shape, communication with customers in time, enabling customers to understand the details in production manufacturing.